The 2018 Activities will be published as soon as available.  In the meantime go to our ABOUT page to learn more about the Lake and its surrounds to help plan your trip to this beautiful area!



There will be lots of demonstrations and hands on activities for all ages from a range of different topics.

Information and location of demonstrations will be listed below as they are locked in. Keep an eye on this page or follow us on Facebook to stay informed.

Songwriting workshop and forum

A group of songwriters will be presenting a song they have written and then discussing how the song came about. This should be an interesting and informative session with a few different views on how this process works and where to find inspiration.

Irish and Scottish tunes session

Featuring Jeri Foreman, Hugh Gordon, Michael Oates and Jimmy Dalton. All welcome to join in and learn a few new tunes on your chosen instrument or bring a tune you know and teach it to the group.

Tunes sessions and Jamming

There will be many outbreaks of sessions / jams around the festival over the weekend and we have reserved the hall as the “session and workshop” venue this year. Keep you ears open and an instrument handy if you would like to join in.

Open stage and blackboard events

There are several hours of open stage programmed each day on the “Camp Kitchen stage” so that attendees can put their name on the board and present a song or two of their own. This has been extremely popular with both the performers and the audience as it provides a great opportunity to be involved as a musician and has uncovered some hidden talents during previous festivals.

Mystery Bus Tour

Sunraysia Community Choir Singing Workshop

Get your vocal chords warmed up and hit all the right notes with some help from the fabulous ladies who are hosting a singing workshop at 3pm on the Saturday of the event.